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WL Crypto Wallet

Add a new revenue source to your business by offering a blockchain solution for multi-asset payments.

Let people better understand their spending habits and keep their funds organized, be it a regular currency or digital coins. Offer the best fund management experience with no worries and prior experience! With a brandable wallet by Niko Technologies, you enable consumers to keep their money safe and spend it for everyday needs with no risk and hassle.

  • Payments in 7 fiat currencies from 50+ countries (SEPA & SWIFT)
  • Global crypto payments in BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH
  • Secure instant payments (when used with the Crypto Acceptance solution)
  • Easy multi-currency exchange in a safe environment
  • Cost-saving international wires for guest workers
  • Back office for swift optimization
  • Available as a web client and a mobile app (Android/iOS)
  • Qualified customer support

payment ecosystem

In combination with WL Acceptance, a unique proprietary gateway for accepting crypto online & offline, NT WL Crypto Wallet creates a protected, self-sufficient ecosystem for instant payments/asset transfers both in regular currencies and coins.

  • Payments with no delay

  • Failproof fund

  • No fees within the ecosystem

  • Advanced data/money

Personal &
Business Accounts

The wallet allows end users to manage multi-asset money on their own by creating Personal and Business accounts. Separating business funds from savings has never been that smooth and easy.

For business accounts

  • Fast international
    fund transfers

  • Secure cryptocurrency

  • Real-time
    transaction tracking

For personal accounts

  • Easy online shopping with crypto coins and local currencies

  • Sending/requesting funds to/from other wallet users

  • Friendly multi-asset