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WL Crypto Acceptance

Become a full-on cryptoprocessor.
Go to a brand-new market full of promising opportunities, in weeks.

The Acceptance by Niko Technologies is a unique C2B payment processing gateway that makes it natural for merchants to accept cryptocurrencies as payment on a website or at PoS, and get quick settlements in regular funds with no need to know much about crypto and blockchain. All the merchants’ funds are kept in EUR.

The solution is ready to deploy and can be easily customized by our experts to fit the nature of 99% e-commerce platforms. And not only that!

WL E-commerce

With NT’s in-house-developed widget, you give dotcom businesses the ability to reach more customers and boost sales, with no need to acquire new skills or change financial habits. The widget integrated into a website's checkout page allows merchants to cater to consumers using crypto. A unique payment processing system will automatically convert digital coins to fiat. No prior experience with cryptocurrency and blockchain required

  • Back office for
    greater control

  • No volatility, fraud, and chargebacks

  • Extra earnings on exchanges and a referral program

  • Easy integration via
    proprietary API or
    a set of pre-built tools

  • Fast, automated

  • In-house 24/7
    live support


Smooth, affordable, and transparent wire transfers coming right up! Let your merchants create unlimited EU IBANs for their international clients and partners. Integrated via API into a website, this solution enables failproof C2B/B2B fund transfers within the SEPA zone.

WL Retail Acceptance

A revolutionary iOS/Android app, a retail version of the Crypto Acceptance, allows owners of traditional marketplaces to accept digital coins offline as easy as dealing with regular payments. The free application turns any mobile device at a store, boutique, or cafe into a full-fledged PoS. A unique automated payment processing system makes the portable PoS user-friendly. No special skills required.

  • Contactless payments

  • Advanced fund safety

  • Fast payment processing

  • Transaction volume tracking for shops and cashiers

  • Cross-platform

Developed onsite Keep track of the latest modifications of the crypto gateway. Optimize your new solutions to meet your needs in a timely manner.

Fully-Brandable Platform NT’s WL Crypto Acceptance is a fully-brandable platform that can be branded to your business with minimum expenses and minimum effort from your side.

Our team of highly-qualified specialists will do their best to help you build your brand recognition and increase your business visibility.